Newly remodeled Regional Women’s Services & Pediatrics lobby

Quality care, with a look to match

For more than 30 years, UTMB’s Regional Mother and Child Health Program—more formally known as the Regional Maternal and Child Health Program (RMCHP)—has provided obstetrics, family planning and pediatric services to women, children and families.

Regional Women’s Services & Pediatrics newly renovated lobby

Regional Women’s Services & Pediatrics newly renovated patient room

Found in many communities and locations across the state, the group’s clinics are being transformed with new paint, furniture, floors and décor to create beautiful, inviting, comfortable areas for women and children to receive health care.

“We have 14 clinics across a wide area around the Houston, Galveston and Beaumont areas,” says Maria Patawaran, director and provider with the group. “We care for amazing women and wanted to offer them clinic locations with a fresh, new look and feel.”

In addition to the work inside the clinics, the locations’ outdoor signs have been updated to read “Women’s Services & Pediatrics”—a name that has also been mirrored across the group’s website and social media channel. This will help our patients know exactly where to go for their appointments, and—while it’s a small detail—it’s one that matters.

The changes inside the regional clinics mirror the newly remodeled UTMB Health John Sealy hospital in Galveston – which is the UTMB facility where our patients would have their baby, should they decide to deliver with us. Here, patients have access to the highest quality labor and delivery services, the highest-level neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), spacious and up-to-date birthing suites and more, to keep mom and baby safe, happy, healthy and comfortable.

“Our Regional Women’s Services and Pediatric Clinics have always been home to high-quality health care providers,” says Dr. Jerome Yaklic, professor, chair and provider with the UTMB Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “These medical professionals are excited to welcome back old patients and introduce new patients to these remodeled spaces.”

Completion dates for these renovations will vary by location, but all work is expected to be done by the end of the year.

To learn more about Regional Women’s Services and Pediatrics, which accepts all major insurance plans including Medicaid and the Texas Healthy Women’s Program, visit