illustration of black father - drawn dressed in a white t-shirt holding a book - with child reading a bedtime story.

Bedtime tips from a pediatrician

For parents looking to start a reliable bedtime routine with their children, Dr. Linda Neely-Shelmire has a few tips to share.

In addition to starting early in life, Dr. Neely-Shelmire recommends using the "four B's" to ensure you have a successful night-time routine that leads to good, restful sleep:

  • Start the process by bathing before bed
  • Move on to brushing teeth and hair
  • Incorporate books as you settle in
  • Plan to have all of that wrapped up by your target bedtime

Keeping a routine like Dr. Neely-Shelmire recommends is important, as it helps the child establish healthy sleeping habits early in life, and that's vital, as sleep directly impacts things like, learning ability, behavior and memory.

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Dr. Linda Neely-Shelmire is a decorated veteran and a board-certified pediatrician with a passion for partnering with parents to raise healthy children through wellness goals, good nutrition, physical activity, healthy sleep habits, and an approach that balances the physical, emotional and developmental aspects of being a child.

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