Person holding credit card and cell phone

UTMB launches new PayZen program

UTMB Health has launched a new program that makes it easier and more affordable for patients to pay for the health care they need. 

On Oct. 24, UTMB began its partnership with PayZen to help patients with their health care-related costs, balancing patients’ medical needs with their financial resources. PayZen is not a collection agency. It is a financial partner that pays patients’ bills in full and then works with them to set up reasonable, no-interest repayment plans.

“This is a huge win for both patients and UTMB,” said Emily Goertz, vice president of UTMB’s Revenue Cycle Operations. “Adaptive payment modalities are crucial for keeping UTMB competitive in the future of shoppable healthcare services.”

With PayZen, patients receiving eligible health care services can take advantage of this new payment plan, and there is no application form to fill out, no minimum credit rating and no effect on a patients’ credit score. It’s a great resource for patients facing a larger medical debt because it breaks up payments into bite-sized installments without them being charged more than their initial medical bill.

UTMB Health believes that PayZen will be a great help to patients facing large medical bills, co-pays and deductibles.

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