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UTMB Health orthopedic specialists and surgeons are highly regarded nationally and internationally and are dedicated to quality adult and pediatric patient care.

Problems with your bones and joints, whether caused by sports, lifestyle or arthritis, have a huge impact on your life. Everyone from athletes and children, to active adults and seniors can trust UTMB Health for common and advanced orthopedic care.

Our integrated team of talented specialists always begin with the most effective and least invasive solution, combining breakthrough clinical care with the advanced technology and rehabilitative services you need to get back to your life.

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When should you see an orthopedic specialist?

When an injury occurs or you are in pain, your first instinct is to call your primary care physician. That may be the proper course of treatment for most of your common injuries or pain, but when should you seek care with an orthopedic specialist?

Schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist if you have:

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Joint Pain

That continues or begins after an injury.

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Reduced Range of Motion

Limited or loss of range of motion in your joint movements

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Increased Pain

In your ankle, knee or hip joints when bearing weight

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Swelling or Instability

Increased swelling or instability of your joints

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Fractures or Broken Bones

Post-recovery care for fractures and broken bones

Listen to your body. If something does not feel right or you have continued swelling in your joints and the pain becomes unbearable, call and schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. Don't try to "tough it out" as this may cause further injury to the joints and prolong the healing process.

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While our efforts touch the world, our mission is to make the most advanced treatments accessible to our patients right here in Southeast Texas. UTMB Health is proud to call this region home and thankful to serve our neighbors, friends, and communities.






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  • male coach in red shirt and gray shorts consoling injured female athlete sitting on track gripping knee

    UTMB health tackles physical and mental aspects of athletic injuries

    If your athlete experiences an accident or injury, know that UTMB Health experts are equipped to help with the mental and physical aspects of recovery every step of the way.

  • a three-dimensional prototype tactile ring to help low-vision patients use eye drops.

    New device targets improved dosing of and adherence to ophthalmologic medications

    A team of University of Texas Medical Branch investigators has developed, produced and tested a three-dimensional prototype tactile ring to help low-vision patients use eye drops. The rings feature one, two or three protrusions with cube-or-sphere-shaped endings that can be attached to the medication bottlenecks.

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UTMB Health Orthopedics, Angleton is committed to bringing expert care to you and your family.

Our orthopedic specialists always begin with the most effective and least invasive solution possible to get you back to your life.

When surgery is required, you can trust our experts to provide the most advanced and innovative treatment options available.

Our goal is to help you retain function and mobility so you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

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