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Bone Health

Post Fracture Care Coordination Program

Fracture Liaison Services

Each year, 30 percent of adults aged 65 and older suffer a fall and break a bone because of OSTEOPOROSIS. But many leave the hospital unaware of why they broke a bone.

To prevent future injuries, we work with primary care physicians and orthopedic specialists to identify people with a propensity for breaking bones often because of osteoporosis.

Your Care Team


UTMB Health personalizes your Bone Health care, using a combination of treatments including:

  • Bone health screening
  • Osteoporotic medications
  • Supplementation
  • Activity modification
  • Fall prevention and safety education

Diagnosis & Prevention

While the Emergency Room diagnoses most broken bones, a Bone Health specialist helps you maintain independence and prevents additional broken bones.

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Events & Resources
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UTMB health tackles physical and mental aspects of athletic injuries

If your athlete experiences an accident or injury, know that UTMB Health experts are equipped to help with the mental and physical aspects of recovery every step of the way.

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Sense of community comforted new mom

When a lifelong UTMB patient with a rare genetic condition found out she was pregnant, she knew exactly where to go to get the care she could trust for her and her daughter-on-the-way. Nearly two years later, both mom and daughter continue to see UTMB Health specialists and they are healthy and thriving.

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