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Bone Health

Post Fracture Care Coordination Program

Fracture Liaison Services

Each year, 30 percent of adults aged 65 and older suffer a fall and break a bone because of OSTEOPOROSIS. But many leave the hospital unaware of why they broke a bone.

To prevent future injuries, we work with primary care physicians and orthopedic specialists to identify people with a propensity for breaking bones often because of osteoporosis.

Your Care Team


UTMB Health personalizes your Bone Health care, using a combination of treatments including:

  • Bone health screening
  • Osteoporotic medications
  • Supplementation
  • Activity modification
  • Fall prevention and safety education

Diagnosis & Prevention

While the Emergency Room diagnoses most broken bones, a Bone Health specialist helps you maintain independence and prevents additional broken bones.

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Alleviating Shoulder and Elbow Pain

If you’re experiencing severe shoulder or elbow pain, there are several nonsurgical treatments available as well as surgical techniques with a successful track record.

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