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UTMB experts participate in Houston Moms family wellbeing panel

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, this month's video with Houston Moms included a panel of six moms discussing the ways they prioritize their families' mental wellbeing. Representatives from UTMB included Dr. Angelica Robinson, breast imaging specialist and faculty with the Department of Radiology, Dr. Lauren Raimer-Goodman, a provider and clinical associate professor with the Department of Pediatrics and Dr. Kimberly Gushanas, associate professor and licescened clinical psychologist with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. Drs. Raimer-Goodman and Gushanas also lent their professional expertise, given their experience working on the frontlines of pediatric primary care and pediatric and adolescent behavioral health.

To learn more, watch the full discussion.

Mental health and moms - a candid discussion

In honor of Women's Health Month and Mother's Day, Dr. Kimberlyn Robinson, physician and clinical assistant professor with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Dr. Leila Wood, professor and research with the School of Nursing and the Center for Violence Prevention, participated in a panel with our partners at Houston Moms to get real about the perceived stress they experience as working moms trying to find balance.

Cyberbullying - What to do

With the advent of technology, children and parents have to be wary about bullying not just in person, but online, too.

For those who may fall victim, Dr. Jeff Temple, professor with the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Obstetrics and Gynecology--Family Violence,  offers  insight  and  advice.

For more information on behavioral health and wellness resources -- visit the Child and Adolescent Services portion of the UTMB Health Developmental, Behavioral and Mental Health page.

Dr. Jeff Temple on cyberbullying