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Advocating for your child's health

Jessica Lewis, mom of UTMB Health pediatric nephrology patient Olin Lewis, and Ashley Lewis, UTMB Health nurse practitioner with pediatric Nephrology recently joined Houston Moms for an interview discussing how parents can work with health care teams to advocate for their children.

To learn more, watch the full discussion.

Five ways to keep your kidneys healthy

March is National Kidney Month! Did you know your kidneys filter all of your blood up to 25 times a day? So, yeah, they’re pretty important.

In this video, Dr. Ann Kathleen Gamilla-Crudo, a UTMB Health kidney specialist, shares five ways to keep your kidneys healthy

Dr. Ann Gamilla-Crudo

Dr. Gamilla-Crudo's clinical interests include glomerular diseases and renal and pancreas transplantation.