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Pregnancy and Delivery

I just found out I’m pregnant.  How do I find an OB/GYN near me? Where should I deliver my baby? At UTMB Health, we want to make it easy for you to make decisions like these that are important for the health of you and your baby.

UTMB Health has OB/GYN clinics conveniently located across the region, including Galveston, Angleton, Friendswood, Lake Jackson and Clear Lake. We serve the entire region; contact the clinic nearest you to schedule your appointment.

UTMB Health offers Labor and Delivery services for our hospital campuses in Clear Lake, Galveston, and Angleton

Pregnancy Care Specialists

We’re experts in all aspects of your maternity care and strive to provide a positive experience that includes making sure you and your baby are healthy throughout your pregnancy and guiding you through a safe delivery.  We’ll continue to support you and your little one with skin-to-skin bonding, soothing care and breastfeeding support.  

Care for Complex Pregnancies

At UTMB Health, our maternal-fetal medicine doctors are considered to be among the top leading specialists in their field who care for women with pregnancy complications, including pre-term and multiple births.  We offer the most advanced treatments and interventions available to keep both mom and baby healthy.

Baby’s Care 

Immediately after your baby is born, a UTMB Health pediatrician will perform a brief physical exam to make sure your bundle of joy is healthy. Another health assessment called an Apgar test is then performed by the doctor and nurses to evaluate the following:

  • Activity; muscle tone
  • Pulse rate
  • Grimace; reflex irritability
  • Appearance; skin color
  • Respiration

If your little one needs advanced care, UTMB Health has some of the most experienced neonatologists and pediatric specialists in the region. Since UTMB is an integrated health care network, this means your baby’s doctors and providers work closely together to ensure your baby receives the right care.

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