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  • headshot image of utmb cardiologist dr. danielle el haddad alongside a headshot of meagan clanahan from houston moms, both featured in round frames above a standard play button on a dark teal background

    Heart health during & after pregnancy: What women need to know

    Cardiologist Dr. Danielle El Haddad is at the helm of UTMB Health's new cardio-obstetrics program. In this interview she shares more about the program's history, who may qualify for this care and why it's important.

  • patient wearing gown seated while a physician uses a stethoscope during a check up. The image is in black and white

    How UTMB Health is combating the rising cardiovascular maternal mortality rate

    As the rate of heart-disease related deaths continues to rise for pregnant and postpartum mothers and women during childbirth, cardiologist Dr. Danielle El Haddad is laying the foundation for a cardio-obstetrics program to care for at-risk patients.

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