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Shaping Futures Before Birth: Excellence in Prenatal Surgical Care

At UTMB Health, our multidisciplinary team comprised of fetal medicine specialists, pediatric surgeons, and supportive care professionals is dedicated to guiding families through the complexities of prenatal diagnoses with compassion and expertise. Understanding the profound impact of receiving a prenatal diagnosis, we strive to provide clear, supportive guidance and comprehensive evaluations, offering tailored treatment plans designed with your child's future in mind. Our mission extends beyond medical care; we aim to empower families with knowledge and options, ensuring you feel supported and informed at every step of this journey.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and innovative surgical techniques, we are committed to addressing and correcting fetal conditions, setting a foundation for improved outcomes and quality of life from the very start. Our approach is inherently holistic and family-centered, prioritizing collaborative decision-making and ensuring that the well-being of your child guides our actions. From prenatal consultations to discuss potential surgical needs highlighted by ultrasound findings, to post-delivery surgical care, our team stands ready to support you.

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  Conditions We Treat

The conditions listed are common reasons for prenatal consultations. While these are not exhaustive, they are frequent prenatal findings that necessitate careful planning. Our collaboration with your obstetrician and the maternal fetal medicine team ensures coordinated care for both you and your child.

Infant Special Care Unit (ISCU)

If your child requires surgery soon after birth, they may be transferred to our Infant Special Care Unit (ISCU), specially equipped for intensive care. The ISCU is staffed with a dedicated team to cater to the needs of small or sick infants, providing comprehensive care.

You can also meet with the neonatal team to discuss care options, and we can arrange tours of the ISCU and Labor and Delivery area for your comfort at UTMB.

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