Important Telephone NumbersGalveston Campus

If dialing from a UTMB Health telephone from inside the UTMB Galveston Campus Jennie Sealy Hospital, dial the numbers listed below (all 10-digits). For outside calls, dial entire 10-digit number you wish to call.

If dialing from a UTMB Health telephone from inside the UTMB Galveston Campus John Sealy Hospital, dial the 5-digit bolded numbers listed below; otherwise, dial the entire number as listed. For outside calls, dial 9 + the area code and the number.

When calling from outside the campus or on your mobile phone, please use the full number as shown.

Access Center409-772-2222
Billing Inquiries – Patient Financial Customer Service Office409-747-1099
Care Management409-772-1541
Cashier’s Office409-772-5379
Emergency Room409-772-1479
Food & Nutrition Services409-747-FOOD (7-3663)
Lori’s Gift Shop409-772-9800
Zen & Now Gift Shop409-266-9945
Hospital Operator – “in-house”0
Hospital Operator – call from outside UTMB409-772-1011
Information Desk – John Sealy Hospital409-747-3617
Information Desk – Jennie Sealy Hospital409-266-9974
Information Desk – UTMB Health Clinics409-772-7100
Inpatient Registration409-747-4785
Mail Services409-747-3260
Medical Records – Information Release409-772-1965
Parking409-266-PARK (6-7275)
Pastoral Care409-772-3909
Patient Information409-772-1191
Patient Navigation & Support409-266-9956
Patient Services409-772-4772
Reading Material/Book Cart409-772-2549
UTMB Clinics – Clinic Appointments409-772-2222
University Police409-772-2691
Volunteer Services409-772-2549