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Regardless of the type of procedure, our care team works diligently with our patients, their families and referring physicians to provide constant feedback regarding health status. We believe good communication and a commitment to excellence are the keys to providing exemplary patient care.

UTMB Health Transplant Patient Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

  1. Don't forget your medication and important documents.
  2. Have a plan to evacuate from the storm.
  3. Pack what you need and contact us about your travel plans.

Contact us: (409) 772-1451

Transplant hurricane preparedness flyer

Patient Education Videos

Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Videos

Liver Transplant Videos

Transplant Services Videos

  • Understanding the Liver and Liver Disease

    This brief 4 minute video will provide patients with basic information about the liver, what the liver does when it is functioning normally, and will review liver disease. It will cover some of the causes of liver disease and symptoms patients typically have. It will discuss why and at what point some patients may be referred to the UTMB transplant center for liver transplantation.

  • Liver Transplant Program at UTMB Health

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