Family Medicine

Hospital and Other Services

Our family medicine services don’t end in our clinics. Our physicians offer complete care if you are admitted into the hospital for whatever reason. If your primary care provider is one of our family physicians you will be admitted into Jennie Sealy Hospital on the Family Medicine Hospital Service.

Our service has 16 beds, is staffed by a team of faculty and resident physicians, a Physician Assistant, attentive nursing staff and a full-time patient care facilitator. Patients are checked into the Family Medicine Service through emergency room admitting, the result of a clinic visit or from our nursing home service at the Gulf Coast Health Care Center.

By offering full hospital services to our patients we are able to offer you the benefits of a complete medical home. In being treated in the hospital by a family medicine physician, you are being seen by a physician who is in direct contact with your primary care provider and they will coordinate your care together. In addition, if specialty care providers are needed, our physicians will coordinate that care while remaining your health care team leader. With our Family Medicine Hospital Service, your primary care doctor will be part of your care team and ready to continue your care after your hospital stay. 

Other Clinics and Services

Cascades at Galveston

Family Medicine provides medical care to the residents of the Cascades at Galveston nursing home, located at 3702 Cove View Boulevard in Galveston, Texas. Physicians see the residents on-site, and provide continuous care and health care assessment, disease prevention, health promotion, women's health services, and diagnosis and management of chronic diseases.

Integrative Oncology Services

Our department provides a full range of services for those interested in the prevention of cancer, support during cancer treatment, and tools for survivors of cancer. Learn more.