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Tanger donates $3,277 for projects at Victory Lakes campus

December 22, 2014

TAnger Donates $3,277 to fight breast cancer at UTMB

Tanger Outlet Houston presented a $3,277 check to UTMB to be divided between breast surgery and imaging projects at the Victory Lakes campus. The check was presented by general manager Libby Hurley and assistant general manager Amber Eaton to the UTMB director of breast imaging, Dr. Angelica Robinson and Director of Development, Staci Adams.

UTMB offered ‘Sunday Screenings’ - Free Screening Mammograms for women in our communityDownload the Flyer for October 2013 Free Screening Mammograms

Mammogram program for uninsured Galveston County residents

UTMB Health and The Ruth Kempner Endowment for Breast Cancer Screening partnered to provide free screening mammograms for uninsured women in our community. The Susan G. Komen foundation has stated that a significant number of uninsured women in Galveston County are not receiving their annual screening mammograms. In an effort to reach these uninsured women, UTMB Health brought the mobile mammography van to churches in Galveston County. The screenings were held on October 20 and 27 in Texas City, and November 3 in Galveston. [GET DETAILS]

Pretty in Pink: Breast Health Awareness events

Oct. 15, 2014 - A day filled with events celebrating Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day by honoring Breast Cancer Survivors.

View the photo galleries for all 3 events:

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Breakfast
Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Lunch
Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Ladies Night Out

BRA Day Events!

Dickinson Diamond Dance Team Joins UTMB in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

DD Team

The Dickinson Diamond Dance Team made a generous donation to the UTMB Komen team this past week.  Team members along with the help of their director, Traci Mills, assistant director, Kristen Cooke, and parent leader, Twyla Rogers, planned and organized a “Pink Out” day at Dickinson High School.  By selling T-shirts to raise funds for Susan G. Komen, their diligent efforts were greatly rewarded.  The team was able to make a $300 donation to Komen through the UTMB Komen Team.   As it is with all donations to the UTMB Komen Team, 100% of funds donated go to Susan G. Komen.  The Dance Team is planning to do the fundraiser again next year.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Health at UTMB 2013Breast health specials in October: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston will host or participate in numerous special events and programs to encourage breast health at its breast imaging locations throughout the Bay Area. Specials include free and reduced-price screening mammograms for uninsured women, a mobile mammogram program, $99 mammograms in October, extended clinic hours and self-referral screening mammograms, fundraising runs, a promotion featuring special coupons to Tanger Outlets, and much more.

SEPT. 14, 2014
Tour De Pink 2014 

Pink Ribbons Treat Cancer Project (UTMB sponsored). Only bike ride in Texas that benefits the fight against breast cancer. Family oriented with routes as short as 12 miles to as long as 100 miles. The event was on the Prairie View A&M University campus.

Tour de Pink
OCT. 4, 2014

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Downtown Houston
Sponsored by UTMB Health
Walk, run, sleep in, or just donate for the cure. Join UTMB's team, the Walking Wonders, at this fun event for a great cause.
Contact Susan Stephensen for details at
409-747-1935 or

 Walking Wonders 
OCT. 14, 2014

The Lunch Bunch presents:

Breast Cancer:
Detection, Surgery and Everything in Between.
By Drs. Silva and Robinson

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Please join us and learn more about breast cancer detection, current surgical options for the treatment of breast cancer and breast preservation techniques.
For more information visit

Download the Flyer
OCT. 15, 2014

Pretty in Pink: Breast Health Awareness events

UTMB Health invites you to events celebrating Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day by honoring Breast Cancer Survivors.[more info]
For more information about all events, contact Rebecca Baggott by phone at (409) 747-3508 or email at


Pretty in Pink: Breast Health Awareness events set for Oct. 15, 2014
OCT. 18, 2014

D’Feet Breast Cancer Walk

Moody Gardens, Galveston
Sponsored by UTMB Health
D'Feet Breast Cancer, Inc., is a grass-roots, all-volunteer organization which provides mammograms to more than 800 uninsured and underserved Galveston County women ages 40 to 64.
more info]

D'feet Breast Cancer
OCT. 19 & NOV. 16, 2014

UTMB offers ‘Sunday Screenings’ - Free Screening Mammograms for uninsured Galveston County residents.

UTMB Health and The Ruth Kempner Endowment for Breast Cancer Screening are partnering to provide free screening mammograms for uninsured women in our community.
Pre-registration required. [
get more info]

Download the Sunday Screenings flyer.

"Sunday Screenings" -- Recap of free screening mammograms for uninsured offered April 2014

On April 6, 2014, the UTMB Sunday Screening Mammogram Program visited Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church in Hitchcock, Texas. Visit the Mobile Mammography web page for details on upcoming screenings.
From left to right are mammography technician Gena Slayton, Dr. Angelica S. Robinson (UTMB Radiology), mammography technician Elizabeth Paniagua and Transportation Technician Jose Martinez.  

2013 D'Feet Breast Cancer Fun Run & Walk

Dr. Sunny Hatch & Dolly Warren with Houston Texan cheerleadersThe D’Feet Breast Cancer Fun Run & Walk is always a highlight of Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities. It was held last year at Moody Gardens. In the photo (courtesy of Juan Pena), UTMB’s Dr. Sunny Hatch--former D'Feet Angel of Honor and D’Feet Advisory Board member (in pink)--and 2013 D'Feet Family
Celebration of Life Event Chair Dolly Warren, celebrate opening ceremonies flanked by Houston Texan cheerleaders. D'Feet Breast Cancer, Inc. is a grass-roots, all volunteer organization which provides mammograms to more than 800 uninsured and underserved Galveston County women. The appearance of the cheerleaders was underwritten by Mitchell and Michael Dale, owners of McRee Ford.

Aggie SOUL Meeting

Aggie SOUL

Dr. Angelica Robinson and Dolly Warren (D'Feet Breast Cancer) spoke at the Aggie Sisterhood of University Leaders meeting on Oct. 27. Dr. Robinson said, "This was a great group of young ladies and they seemed to enjoy hearing about breast imaging, breast cancer detection, and receiving general advice for students seeking post graduate education."

National Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day!  

We enjoyed a evening with friends and community at Pretty in Pink: Ladies' Night Out on Wednesday, Oct. 16. The evening capped off a day of events, education and awareness associated with Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day. We hope you were able to join us. Enjoy these images…  



Breast cancer: Making the tough decisions

Dr. Karen PowersDr. Techksell McKnight Washington Galveston County Daily News, October 15, 2013. In this guest column by UTMB Drs. Techksell McKnight Washington and Karen Powers: UTMB’s Breast Health and Imaging Center has a high-risk clinic with genetic counselors who can guide patients through screening and potential genetic testing for the BRCA1 and 2 mutations. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as breast specialists at the University of Texas Medical Branch, we think it’s a good time to take another look at some of the details surrounding genetic testing, treatment options and reconstruction decisions. [read more]

Breast cancer treatment continues to evolve

Dr. Colleen SilvaGalveston County Daily News, October 15, 2013. Breast cancer treatment has changed dramatically in the past 25 years. When I entered the field of breast surgery in the late 1980s, modified radical mastectomy was still the standard treatment. We removed the entire breast, all the lymph nodes under the arm, the nipple and much of the breast. Breast reconstruction was rare. Today, however, we offer breast-conserving surgery to two out of three women with early-stage breast cancer. The partial mastectomy or lumpectomy has replaced the total mastectomy as the treatment of choice whenever possible. [read more]

Feminine beauty after mastectomy

Dr. Karen PowersChange Magazine, October 2013 

New insight about breast cancer, new treatments and improved reconstructive surgery options mean that women need not feel disfigured or less attractive after surgery. “While some women may choose not to reconstruct their breasts, all women should be informed of their options and have the opportunity to work with their physician to develop a treatment plan that’s right for them,” said UTMB’s Dr. Karen Powers. “Here at UTMB, each woman has the benefit of being treated by an integrated team of doctors, including separate oncologists who specialize in surgery and radiation, as well as others. The best news for women is that here at UTMB, our team of specialists will create a complete game plan for that patient so she can begin the process of treatment and reconstruction right away.”

Bra Dazzle

The second annual Bra Dazzle Event took place Oct. 3 at Haak Vineyards and Winery in Santa Fe. Proceeds benefited the UTMB Mobile Mammogram and services for the uninsured in our community. It was an evening of UTMB services and educational literature, and a bra decorating contest judged by attendees. Our Breast Imaging Center even entered a "dazzled" bra and placed 5th! About 300 women and a few men were at the event. The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce was behind the event. Haak Winery.

Bra Dazzle 2013 at the Haak Winery
Front, l to r: Dr. Angelica Robinson (radiology), Dolly Warren (D'Feet Breast Cancer), Dr. Sunny Hatch (radiation oncology), Dr. Colleen Silva (surgical oncology), Kristi Elliott and Dr. Linda Phillips (plastic surgery).
Back, l to r: Holli Kingsbury (marketing), Brittni Leffage (clinics admin.), Dalael Wille (VL breast imaging), Shirley Hilton (hospital admin.).

RCCG’s 7th Annual Health Fair was July 27

UTMB Health and the Breast Health and Imaging Center participated in a community health fair in Houston on Saturday, July 27. The event was held at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) at 13406 Beechnut Street in Houston. This was the RCCG’s 7th Annual Health Fair; UTMB’s mobile mammography van was present at the event, providing free mammograms to qualifying patients without insurance. In addition to mammograms, UTMB and other volunteers provided free health screenings and consultations on a variety of health topics. The health fair was organized by the Texas Section of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, partnering with the Restoration Chapel and volunteers from UTMB.

In the photo above are doctors (left to right): Dr. Kehinde Onifade (turquoise green), Dr. Olugbenga Ojo, Dr. Mukaila Raji, Dr. Judith Kwarteng (green scrubs), Dr. Dipo Dada, Dr. Folasade Ojo, Dr. Rasheed Busari, Dr. Ayokunle Ogunye. UTMB Mammographers (left to right): Madeline Goldenschue, Jennifer Thomas, Mary Lauriano, transportation technician Jose Martinez, and the numerous volunteers who donated their time. Thank you all.

Surviving Cancer…then what?

Dr. Victor SierpinaIn this guest column by UTMB’s Drs. Victor & Michelle Sierpina and Dr. Laura Nell Nicholson: The good news is that the numbers of people who have survived cancer is now estimated to be over 13 million in the US alone. This is due to improved surgical and medical therapies, advanced radiation treatment, and increasingly sophisticated imaging, genetic and molecular testing. Early detection, screening, as well as increased understanding of how lifestyle factors can prevent and contribute to cancer prevention and survival also serve to prolong life after cancer.  [read story]

One-Third of Women Undergo Unnecessary Breast Biopsy Surgery

Texas Medical Center News, June 10, 2013

Breast BiopsyRoughly a third of Texas women with a breast lump end up having an old-fashioned surgical biopsy to determine whether the lump is cancerous. Yet since 2001, the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the American College of Radiology, and the National Cancer Center Network have recommended nonsurgical, minimally invasive biopsies as the first course of action for women with breast lumps or masses. These less invasive methods of sampling breast tissue provide results that are as accurate as surgical biopsies, the organizations say.
“We need to get the word out to women across the state that surgery is not the procedure of choice for definitive diagnosis of a breast mass,” said Taylor Riall, M.D., associate professor of surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. [read story]


HOUSTON (May 24, 2013) – The Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® recently presented The University of Texas Medical Branch with a community grant of $400,000 for the funding of the UTMB Komen Complete Care Project.

“The University of Texas Medical Branch is an extraordinary grant recipient organization that works endlessly to assist local women and men who are in great need of breast health services,” said Adriana M. Higgins, Ed. D., Executive Director of the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. “Thanks to the devoted fundraisers in the Bayou City who support our fight to end breast cancer forever, we are able to fund breast health services and programs like this in the seven counties we serve.”

The UTMB Komen Complete Care Project is a program that provides breast health education, screening mammograms, diagnostic procedures, patient navigation and cancer surveillance to uninsured women.

UTMB is very grateful for the ongoing support and efforts of the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®,” said Deana M. Gehring, UTMB Komen Complete Care Project Director. “We are both honored and privileged to move forward and broaden access to breast cancer screening and diagnostic services to uninsured women throughout southeast Texas. The Komen Complete Care Project is an emblem of UTMB’s commitment to serving the underserved.”

For more information on the granting process and other grant recipients please visit

Finding inspiration in the fight

Dr. Lyuba LevineIn this guest column by UTMB’s Dr. Lyuba Levine: I am eternally grateful to all my cancer patients for their love of life and the sacrifices they make, for their patience with us doctors and nurses, and for their perseverance. I am also grateful to their families for all the support they give us. This National Cancer Survivors Day, June 5, I want to say thank you to all of the brave cancer survivors. It is easy to give up; it is not easy to fight! [see article]

"Sunday Screenings" -- Recap of free screening mammograms for uninsured offered June 2013Sunday Mammogram Team

On June 2, the UTMB Sunday Screening Mammogram Program visited Greater Barbour’s Chapel church in Texas City, Texas.

Above, from left to right are: transportation technician Jose Martinez, Pastor Andrew Berry, II (Greater Barbour’s Chapel church), Krystal Berry (First Lady of Greater Barbour’s Chapel church), UTMB mammography technologist Gena Slayton, UTMB mammography technologist Jennifer Thomas, Dr. Angelica S. Robinson (UTMB Radiology), Martha Swan (Health Awareness Team [H.A.T.] volunteer, Camila Phillips (H.A.T President), Barbara Brown (H.A.T. volunteer), Lynette Beagnyam (H.A.T. volunteer). 

Sunday Screening Mammogram Program

On June 9, 2013, the UTMB Sunday Screening Mammogram Program visited St. Augustine Episcopalian Church in Galveston, Texas.

Above, from left to right are: transportation technician Jose Martinez, Karen Lidstone (UTMB Director of Radiation Oncology), UTMB mammography technologist Denise Shaw, UTMB mammography technologist Elizabeth Paniagua, Dr. Angelica S. Robinson (UTMB Breast Imaging Radiologist) and her children.

These visit were part of a partnership between UTMB Health and The Ruth Kempner Endowment for Breast Cancer Screening to provide free screening mammograms for uninsured women in our community. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has stated that a significant number of uninsured women in Galveston County are not receiving their annual screening mammograms. In an effort to reach these uninsured women, UTMB Health brought the mobile mammography van to churches in Galveston County in June.

Dr. Angelica S. Robinson would like to thank everyone involved in helping bring this service to uninsured women and helping make this program a success each year!  

More than one third of Texas women still receive unnecessary breast biopsy surgery

Dr. Leonard MortonMany women in Texas who are found to have an abnormality on routine mammogram or discover a lump in one of their breasts end up having an old-fashioned surgical biopsy to find out whether the breast abnormality is malignant. Since 2001, national expert panels have recommended that the first course of action for women with breast lumps or masses should be minimally invasive biopsy. At UTMB, minimally invasive biopsies are used more than 98 percent of the time. [read more]

June 5: Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer Survivors Day 2013On Wednesday, June 5, UTMB Health celebrated Cancer Survivors Day. Cancer is a journey that must not be taken alone. Help, support and guidance are available. At our events in League City and Galveston, we celebrated Cancer Survivorship. We know life after a cancer diagnosis is still meaningful and productive. If you are combating cancer or are a cancer survivor, love or care for someone affected by cancer, or are a health care professional with an interest in cancer, walk with us as we celebrate life. Events were at 1:30 at the Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes, and at 4:30 outside the John Sealy Hospital on the UTMB main campus in Galveston. Join us for music, refreshments and fellowship.  [Get additional details]

Breast imaging radiologist bringing health screening to the underserved

Dr. Robinson, Women of ChangeChange Magazine, March 2013

“To whom much is given, much is expected” is a phrase that motivates UTMB radiologist Dr. Angelica Robinson to give back to her community. With a collaborative team of professionals at UTMB and funds from the Ruth Kempner Endowment, Robinson brings UTMB’s mobile mammography unit to underinsured women of Galveston County for free breast cancer screening. Robinson is one of seven “Women Creating Change.” [see article]


“Reconstruction of a Survivor” Breast Cancer Support Group

Reconstruction of a SurvivorUTMB supports monthly “Reconstruction of a Survivor” Breast Cancer Support Group sessions at Christus Victor Lutheran Church located at 2098 West Main Street, League City, 77573.

These support groups are for women diagnosed with breast cancer. We help women at any stage of diagnosis and treatment understand that breast cancer affects them both emotionally and spiritually, not just physically. Our mission is to ensure, through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone.

A light meal and refreshments are offered. Meetings are usually hosted the third Thursday of each month:

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Christus Victor Lutheran Church
2098 West Main Street
League City, 77573

To RSVP for the event or to get more information, please contact Stella Turrubiate at

Jan 8, 2013: The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a UTMB patient education series where attendees get to hear great speakers, gain new insights, and enjoy a free breakfast. It's a great way to start your day. Below, watch a webcast of Dr. Karen Powers' recent presentation:

“Going for Bust: Breast Reconstruction After Cancer Surgery”

Dr. Karen L. Powers earned her M.D. at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. She completed her general surgery and plastic surgery residencies at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Powers completed a fellowship in breast microsurgery at the University of Utah, Division of Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah. As an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Dr. Powers' special interests are breast reconstruction, microsurgery, wound healing, and medical education. Her research projects include: utilization and outcomes of breast reconstruction; national practice patterns and disparities in care among patients with breast cancer; and effects of radiation on reconstructed breasts.

Sunday Screening, Univision


Houston Univision Channel 45 highlighted the mobile mammography program and the free "Sunday Screenings" events (details are below). Dr. Tomas Uribe, staff from the Breast Health & Imaging Center, and patients all contributed to the interview. [view it in Spanish]

Breast cancer prevention beats treatment

Galveston Daily News, Oct. 12, 2012

Dr. Techksell McNight WashingtonIn a guest column by UTMB’s Dr. Techksell McKnight Washington: Breast cancer can be prevented if at-risk women arm themselves with knowledge and work with their health care providers to determine an individual course of action. Some preventive treatments may seem daunting. But it’s so important to begin the conversation with your practitioner. October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, is the perfect time to make the appointment. I encourage you to take that step.

Look Good…Feel Better Program

Look Good, Feel Better 2012The Look Good … Feel Better program is a free workshop that helps women to cope with the side effects of cancer treatment. However, participants say it’s less about what it does for women on the outside and more about how it makes them feel on the inside.

The national program, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, has served more 650,000 women since its inception 20+ years ago. UTMB has been offering the popular program for several years. Experts will provide step-by-step guidance on makeup and skin care, and tips on prosthesis fittings and hair pieces. The workshop provides a comfortable, supportive atmosphere with other women coping with cancer treatment, those about to go through it and those who have been there.

The event was hosted at the Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes on Monday, October 15, 2012.

The program is free. To inquire about future dates, please call (832) 505-1700.


UTMB earns national accreditation for highest level of breast care

GALVESTON, Texas – The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has been granted a three-year, full accreditation designation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

NAPBC accreditationAccreditation by the NAPBC, a program administered by the American College of Surgeons, is given only to those centers that have voluntarily committed to provide the highest level of quality breast care and that undergo a rigorous evaluation process and review of their performance.

“We are honored to have earned this accreditation. It’s a tremendous testament to the dedication and commitment that we have to delivering the best possible care,” said Donna K. Sollenberger, executive vice president and CEO of the UTMB Health System.

[Read full news release]

Komen spotlights UTMB Heath in "Komen Complete Care Project"

Since 2004, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has received annual grant funding from The Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to provide comprehensive breast health services to underserved and uninsured women in Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty and Montgomery counties. Last year, UTMB received $687,686 in funding for its Komen Complete Care Project. Those funds provided:

  • 1,146 screening mammograms
  • 892 breast diagnostic procedures
  • 7 full cancer treatment programs
  • 352 navigation services for patients with breast abnormalities
  • 92 navigation services to women diagnosed with breast cancer
  • 843 instances of breast health education for patients at well-woman exams

“The UTMB Komen Complete Care Project is unique in that it helps us bridge the gap in services that currently exists in our community, particularly for uninsured women aged 40-49 years,” says Deana Gehring, grant coordinator for UTMB’s breast and cervical cancer programs. Numerous institutions and local organizations offer free or reduced-cost screening mammograms for women, but few are able to offer a complete continuum of care from screening through full treatment. UTMB is able to do this because of the funding it receives from Komen Houston, says Gehring.

UTMB physicians and care providers working with Komen

Dr. Robinson appointed to leadership role with statewide Breast Health Collaborative

Dr. Angelica RobinsonDr. Angelica S. Robinson has accepted a role as Director-at-Large for the Gulf Coast Region of the Breast Health Collaborative of Texas. The Breast Health Collaborative is a network of more than 350 nonprofit and corporate organizations and individuals dedicated to improving access to breast health services. Their mission is to educate, advocate, and leverage resources to ensure no Texan goes without breast health care.

The responsibilities of a Director-at-Large include representing and reporting on breast health information, access issues, disparities and needs in their public health service region. There are eight total public health service regions in the state of Texas. UTMB has been a member of the collaborative since it was founded; other academic institutions actively involved with this statewide effort include Baylor College of Medicine and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Dr. Robinson specializes in breast imaging and intervention, and is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. She performs a wide variety of exams and procedures including mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and image-guided biopsy procedures. In addition, she works closely with the UTMB Nuclear Medicine Section to interpret molecular breast imaging examinations which serve as a critical adjunct to mammography in appropriate cases.

New treatments leading to better outcomes

Breast Cancer Awareness in Daily News Galveston County Daily News, Oct. 31, 2011. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on why it has become a nationally recognized cause, writes UTMB’s Dr. H. Colleen Silva. According to the 2010 American Cancer Society data, breast cancer remains the No. 1 cancer diagnosis in women with an estimated 207,090 cases predicted for this year. In Texas, an estimated 12,920 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and 2,780 women will die. As October closes, with all the pink ribbons around, I hope you took a few minutes to ask, “Is it time for my mammogram? Am I doing everything I can to stay healthy and decrease my risk of breast cancer?”

October a good time to think about breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness in Daily News Galveston County Daily News, Oct. 15, 2011 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a good time to reflect on the current advances in breast cancer detection and treatment, says Dr. Angelica Robinson, a breast imaging radiologist at UTMB's Breast Health & Imaging Center. Early detection programs and increased public awareness have significantly decreased the number of breast cancer deaths each year. The American Cancer Society reports there are more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. She believes this reflects new and innovative breast cancer research, improved treatment regimens, advances in breast imaging capabilities and the benefits of early detection.

Two new free programs benefitting patients offered at Victory Lakes

The Breast Health and Imaging Center at Victory Lakes now offers the Breast Prosthesis Program and Look Good ... Feel Better Program. Both are free, supported by the American Cancer Society and available to UTMB and non UTMB patients alike.

UTMB's expert staff can help women feel good and look beautiful after breast surgery. The American Cancer Society’s Breast Prosthesis Program, together with support from the Susan G. Komen Foundation, provides each patient one white and black prosthetic bra with prosthesis. Patients can schedule an appointment for breast prosthesis fitting by calling the center at (832) 505-1700. [get flyer]

The Look Good…Feel Better Program is a collaboration between the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the National Cosmetology Association (NCA). All three sponsoring organizations work together to provide patient education, free program materials and free makeup kits for each patient participating in a group workshop. The group program is open to all women with cancer who are undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or other forms of treatment. Volunteer cosmetologists are trained and certified by Personal Care Products Council Foundation, ACS and NCA. The Look Good...Feel Better workshop is held every other month at Victory Lakes. The next session is Monday, Feb. 7 at 9 a.m.. Patients can register or get more information by calling (832) 505-1700. [get flyer]

It’s a whole new game in breast cancer therapy

By MARY ALYS CHERRY, Houston Community Newspapers

Less is more nowadays in the fight against breast cancer.

“In the past, if you got breast cancer, you were going to get a radical mastectomy,” Dr. Colleen Silva says.

“They were going to remove your entire breast. They were going to take the muscles underneath your breast and they were going to remove all the lymph nodes from underneath your arms.”

Not so today.

“One of the surprising things about breast surgery today is we have moved into an era of less is more,” explains the medical director at the UTMB Breast Health and Imaging Center on I-45 in League City.

Today, she said, “we’ve moved into this area of minimal surgery for women with early (breast) disease. Most people find it is not as bad as they feared.” Read entire article in Houston Community Newspapers 

Call for assistance day or night 409-772-2222

Extended Mammogram Hours

The UTMB Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes, 2240 Gulf Freeway South in League City, offers extended hours daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., to enable patients to stop off and get a mammogram on their way to work. Patients may schedule appointments at 832-505-1700.

To schedule a mammogram anytime:
League City (832) 505-1700
Galveston (409) 772-6851

Above, see highlights from a past Ladies' Night Out 

Dr. Colleen Silva with the Breast Health and Imaging Center at Victory Lakes was featured on the “Your Health First...with Dr. Galati” radio show on KTRH 740 AM.

She spoke about breast cancer including risk factors and new developments in treatment and imaging.

Click to hear a podcast of the radio show. (Her interview begins at the 20:22 mark.)

Dr. Colleen Silva on KTRH


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