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Integrative Oncology at UTMB Health

As part of UTMB Health's commitment to meet the full spectrum of needs of our patients with cancer as well as those who have survived cancer, we now have a team offering Integrative Oncology consultations.

Integrative oncology is the rational, evidence-based combination of conventional cancer therapy with complementary interventions into an individualized therapeutic regimen that addressees the whole person living with and beyond cancer—body, mind, and spirit.

Our team presents patients with the broadest range of options in terms of:

  • personalized lifestyle change
  • optimal nutrition
  • guidelines for activity
  • stress management
  • acupuncture
  • nutritional supplements
  • emotional and spiritual support

In consultation with treating oncologists and their primary care doctors, we work with cancer patients and survivors and their families to develop effective plans for symptom control and to offer evidence-based strategies to promote wellness-oriented, long-term survivorship. When needed appropriate referrals for specialty care, pain management, palliative care, and hospice are available.

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