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Organ transplantation at UTMB’s Texas Transplant Center has a long tradition of excellence. Transplantation was started at UTMB more than 40 years ago, it has been a pioneering force in the field since then with 3,000 patients transplanted. In 2007 the Texas Transplant Center was founded and offers excellence in patient care and research in organ transplantation:

  • Our transplant Center is in a different organ bank than the metropolitan Houston area. Our organ procurement agency (South West Transplant Alliance) is very active with over 250 donors/year. Patients in the waiting list in the metropolitan Houston transplant programs can benefit from multiple listing in our Center. UNOS (United Network for Organ sharing) is the agency that regulates transplantation in the US and mandates that patients are informed of multiple listing. Multiple listing with our Transplant Center allows patients in the waiting list in Houston to double their chance to receive an organ only a short drive away. To reduce commutes and enhance and simplify access to care for our patients, our outpatient care is offered from several transplant clinics conveniently located throughout South Texas and in the League City area near Interstate 45 South.


  • Our Medicare approved Kidney Transplantation Program (established in 1967 and the first in the Houston/Galveston area) has performed 2,500 transplants to date while continuing to achieve excellent results and exceeding national standards for patient/graft survival. We also offer living donor kidney transplant with minimally invasive laparoscopic nephrectomy for donors. We participate in pair donation programs and we have programs for incompatible live donors.
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  • Our Medicare approved Pancreas Transplant Program (established in 1988) continues to grow while forging advances in transplantation applications and research. The pancreas team has performed more than 150 transplants to date and is among the largest in Texas. If listed in our program our patients experience one of the shortest waiting time in the nation for organs.
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  • Our Medicare-approved Heart Transplantation Program was established in 1993. We also offer ventricular assist devices (VAD) placement as bridge to transplant or destination therapy.
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  • Our Medicare-approved Liver Transplant Program was established in 2008. The program recently recruited Dr. Jeffery Fair to lead the program.   The Texas Transplant Center offers patient centered services and outstanding communication with patients and referring physicians. Our program has the specialized surgical expertise, advanced imaging technology and leading research that you would expect from a top academic medical center. [get additional information]

  • Our Hepatobiliary Program specializes in the advanced care of liver cancer and pancreatic surgery, including laparoscopic liver resection, tumor ablation, and conventional liver resection for cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic patients. We also offer experimental chemotherapy protocols not available elsewhere in Texas for liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma).


  • The Texas Transplant Center is completing preparations and is in the advanced planning stage for intestinal transplantation.


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