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Do you need a mammogram?

Woman 30

Women under 40

Women at average risk for breast cancer do not need to get annual mammograms until age 40. If a close relative (mother, sister, daughter) has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you should start getting yearly mammograms 10 years before the age your relative was diagnosed.

If you are at high risk for breast cancer, screening recommendations vary depending on your risk factors. Speak to your primary care physician or a breast health specialist.

Woman 50

Women age 40-55

Starting at age 40, women should schedule a screening mammogram every year. If you are age 40 or older, nearly all insurance policies should pay for your mammogram. You do not need a doctor’s order or a referral for a screening mammogram.

Woman 60

Women 55 and older

As you get older, your risk for breast cancer increases every year. A clinical breast exam should be included as part of your annual well-woman exam. Speak to your primary care physician or breast health specialist about what is right for you.

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