Getting the Good Word Out: An Update on UTMB Health’s Awareness Campaign

Building on efforts that started in 2011, UTMB Health has launched the third phase of an advertising campaign to increase awareness about its excellent primary and specialty care services available throughout the region. The efforts focus on raising awareness about UTMB, and creating greater understanding about our organization and what we offer.

In the past, UTMB’s campaign has communicated that UTMB Health is stronger than ever, well positioned to address the complex health care needs of our community, and highly accessible. The emphasis was on access: geographically, through our many convenient locations; electronically, through MyChart; and around the clock, through the Access Center. We also began to talk about what makes us different; we started using some of our key service lines to help tell our story.

The elements of the next phases of the campaign build on those strengths and stories. We highlight real patients and real patient encounters. When we provide care, we focus on the patient. Our advertising shares this philosophy; it offers our patients' perspectives and experiences. These ads seek to be engaging and to tell powerful human stories about how our work impacts people and improves their lives, illustrating in the process that we offer a full spectrum of great care.

Ads focused on orthopedic and cardiovascular services were an earlier example of this approach (included below for your review). With this latest phase of the campaign, two new areas have been added: Primary Care and GI services.

For primary care, we know the population is growing in our service areas – estimated to increase 20 percent during the next ten years. As families locate here and grow, they need access to primary care, and we want to align UTMB Health to be able to respond to the new needs.

Our focus on gastroenterology-related care highlights another area of UTMB strength and a focus on another important service. The approach emphasizes the collaborative and comprehensive nature of the care we provide and the people who provide it, and our focus on quality.

The components of the campaign include:

  • New and existing 30-second zoned cable and broadcast television commercials 
  • Newspaper advertising in publications throughout the region
  • Targeted billboards, both digital and traditional
  • Magazine advertising in high profile publications
  • Radio advertising
  • Newspaper Ad Notes
  • Airport displays

UTMB also is engaged in search engine marketing supporting many of the same goals.Watch for our ads on Google and other search engines.

Below are examples of the messages and stories highlighted by the effort:



(Click on ads to read text at full size)

Cardiac Services
Primary Care 
Ortho & Rehab Services







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