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Individualized Treatment Plans

At the UTMB Health Wound Care Clinic, our wound care specialists understand that each wound is unique and so it’s essential that patients have an individualized plan for treatment that has been medically and scientifically proven to treat their specific wound type. Doctors are fellowship-trained in specialties such as podiatry, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, dermatology, general surgery and orthopedics. They understand that the emotional, physical, and psychological debilitation caused by acute, chronic, and non-healing wounds can have a profound impact on quality of life and long-term health. That’s why they’re focused on the best treatment that will help your wound heal as quickly as possible.

Leading Edge Treatment

UTMB Wound Clinic patients have access to all of the latest therapies, including:

  • Advanced Conventional Wound Care, such as wound debridement (removing dead tissue to promote healthy healing)
  • Compression Therapy, to manage swelling in legs and feet
  • Wound Closure, with vacuum-assisted technology
  • Tissue Replacement, such as surgical flaps and grafts
  • Skin substitutes or scaffolds to enhance the person's own healing efforts

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