Radiation Oncology



Call the clinic to schedule an appointment with the right provider for your needs. If you prefer a specific provider from the list below, please let us know.

Meet Our Team

The Radiation Oncology Registered Nurses work closely with your Radiation Oncologist and other team members to coordinate and provide your care. Many of our Radiation Oncology Registered Nurses have additional specialty certification in oncology. You will meet one of our nurses during your initial consultation. Your nurse will help you through all phases of your radiation treatments providing care and information about your diagnosis along with instructions about how to manage any potential side effects that may develop from your radiation treatments. You will see your nurse along with your doctor once a week in the clinic to check your progress and answer any questions that you may have.

Outpatient Service Associate (OSA)
Our OSA's who staff the front desk will be the first people you meet when you come to your Radiation Oncology Clinic appointment. An OSA will help you schedule your appointment, answer the phone when you call, and get your chart ready when you arrive. If your insurance requires a co-pay, an OSA will collect that fee when you register.

Radiation Therapist
The radiation therapist is a professional who manages the details of the radiation process. The therapist works closely with the radiation oncologist. The radiation therapist's job is to ensure that the patient receives the prescribed radiation dose to the designated site by the approved method after the plan is produced. The therapist is responsible for the actual administration of radiation treatment. The therapist takes imaging studies of the targeted area, uses the planning computers to generate a plan of radiation delivery and reproduces the patient positioning and plan parameters each day for the course of treatment. Since radiation therapy usually spans over weeks, the patient's body will have small changes over the course of treatment. In order to deliver the most accurate and the best possible treatment, Radiation Therapists may use their special skills to reposition the patient, they may perform another dose calculation or some other special methods to compensate the changes.