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Pediatric Services

Infants, children and adolescents have unique circumstances when it comes to ear, nose and throat conditions, as well as audiology and speech issues – from common infections to rare and complicated congenital conditions. At UTMB Health, our Board Certified physicians have received extensive training in pediatric otolaryngology. They are ready to care for our younger patients from newborns to adolescents.


Pediatric Providers



Harold Pine

Like many others, Dr. Harold Pine watched helplessly as water crept closer to his house in Friendswood. Still, he knew others were in emergency situations and needed help, so he made his way to a local church, where he used his medical expertise to help evacuees who made it to the shelter. Whether he was making coffee, doing basic first aid or making a house call to help a baby with croup who couldn’t make it to the local ER, he worked throughout the night to comfort those that had lost everything.

By daybreak, Pine hitched a ride on a dump truck to Friendswood High School, where an entire nursing home had been evacuated. Many of the patients had chronic medical problems. Once there, he ran into several other UTMB employees who worked together to provide medical care and arrange a first aid table for the nursing home residents.

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