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Colonoscopy: Simple, Quick and Easy

A colonoscopy is among the most effective methods for early detection of colorectal cancer or polyps. It is an outpatient procedure that is simple, quick and easy. Preventive care services, including routine colonoscopies, are often covered 100% by some health care plans. It’s fast, it’s easy and it could save your life. If you are 50 or older, talk to your doctor about getting screened.

Patient Testimonials

Practice what we preach.

Gibbons_-Stacey-webAs a university physician, Dr. Stacey Gibbons has a behind-the-scenes perspective of the care offered at UTMB and a refreshing philosophy about advising patients:

“I get screened to be proactive about my own health, but I also want to set a good example for my patients. All in all, my experience getting a colonoscopy was pleasant and an easy thing to do for my health and peace of mind.”

"We truly have great doctors here; it makes sense to use them.”

Simple, quick and easy.

Kunz_-Angela-webAngela Kunz knows a bit about colon cancer screening; she’s the patient service specialist who often fields calls and welcomes patients when they arrive for their screenings. But, she’s also been a patient.

“I’ve done it myself; you’ll be surprised how easy it is. I assure patients that they are in good hands. I’ll do all I can to make it as pleasant as possible. You will be here only a few hours from start to finish.”

“I have two grandsons and want to do everything I can to be here as long as possible for them. Call me anytime to discuss the step-by-step process. You can do it!”

Screening: It’s no big deal.

Low_-Sandra-webSandra Low knows screenings. Because she’s in a high risk category for colorectal cancer, a colonoscopy has been part of her regular annual health regime for more than two decades.

“My friends call me an expert – they call me for advice. The procedure has come a long way over the years…the procedure is short and painless. You wake up and everything’s done and you can continue on with your day as usual.”

“I get screened because I don’t want cancer, plain and simple. Who wants to die over something as easy as this little test? Go get checked.”

It saved my life.

McCarley_-Drusilla-webDolly McCarley was 57 when she found out she had colon cancer. She had talked about getting a colonoscopy several times with her primary care doctor but put it off.

“The screening saved my life. I wasn’t looking forward to it and it’s ridiculous because there was nothing to it. I did want to kick myself for not having done it sooner because I know better.”

When they found cancer, Dolly went to battle and is now a cancer survivor.

“I’m a fighter. I am now far more proactive about my health. It’s a great benefit as a UTMB employee that the screening is paid for. Be good to yourself and get the colonoscopy done. It saved my life. Just do it!”

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