Blocker Burn Unit

Resources and Support


Blocker Burn Champions was founded by health care professionals and friends of the Blocker Burn Unit who recognized that burn survivors and their families often have tremendous needs for assistance and resources, the goal of the Blocker Burn Champions is to “go above and beyond in their quest to ensure that burn survivors and their loved ones have access to extra help.”


The Phoenix Society is a community of burn survivors, their loved ones, health professionals, and firefighters. Their message is “you are not alone; you can get back to living; we can help, with caring people to share the journey and resources to make it easier”. For more information, resources, blogs, and to connect with other burn survivors visit the Phoenix Society website.


Phoenix SOAR connects burn survivors and loved ones to a compassionate community of people who share the experience of a burn injury. It is a hospital-based, one-on-one peer support program that connects people with new burn injuries to survivors and family members who have been impacted by a burn injury. Phoenix SOAR was designed by the Phoenix Society in conjunction with a national committee of experts. For more information, visit the Phoenix SOAR website.

Moonlight Fund

Serving the Military and Civilian community since 1998.

Mission: The Moonlight Fund was established to provide financial, emotional and in kind support to burn/blast survivors and their families. The fund also supports those families who have lost a love one to a burn or blast injury. For more information, visit the Moonlight Fund website.

Texas Burn Survivor Society

The mission of Texas Burn Survivor Society (TBSS) is to provide care, comfort, and essential services to the critically burned and their families.

TBSS has created successful programs of patient support which have assisted thousands of burn and thermal injury survivors to achieve a successful return to normal and productive lives. For more information, visit the Texas Burn Survivor Society website.

For more information, contact:

Daralyn Johnson
Adm. Coordinator/Clinic Scheduling
Blocker Burn Unit/Clinic
(409) 747-2071
Fax: (409) 747-3434 

Laura Perez, LMSW, CCM
Social Worker and SOAR Coordinator
(409) 747-2076
Fax: (409) 747-3434


American College of Surgeons Verified Trauma Center
The Joint Commission
American Burn Association