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UTMB Community Health Program recognized by America’s Essential Hospitals

The Community Health Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch has been recognized by America’s Essential Hospitals, a national trade association, for its work in redirecting high-risk, unfunded patients from overcrowded emergency rooms to a more appropriate care setting within the community. 

America's Essential Hospitals, which represents 300 hospitals that care for low-income and other marginalized people, awarded UTMB a 2024 Gage Award honorable mention in the population health category.

“The UTMB Community Health Program has been a vital part of providing care for many patients who need post-discharge assistance and, in some cases, has proven to be an alternative to hospitalization,” said Craig Kovacevich, associate vice president, Department of Population Health.

“What has made the CHP team so successful is the many years of combined experience with both medical and social drivers of health care,” he said. “As such, CHP has been recognized as a model that can be utilized in many ways to help the organization—and the patients we serve—have the best outcomes possible.”

The Gage Awards, named after association founder Larry Gage, honor and share successful and creative member hospital programs that improve patient care and meet community needs. The Gage Award for population health recognizes activities focused on social determinants of health, such as food insecurity, homelessness, language barriers and other socioeconomic factors.

“Our members excel at programs that fill critical gaps in care, and the health systems we honor today exemplify that work,” said Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH, president and CEO of America’s Essential Hospitals. “These awards not only spotlight the best of the best but also help spread practices that improve care for all people.” 

The association presented the award June 20 at a luncheon at VITAL2024, its annual conference, in San Diego. The association also created a video about UTMB's program.

Learn more about the Community Health Program.

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