Pida un presupuesto 

Pida un presupuesto para servicios clínicos 

UTMB Health con gusto le proporciona un presupuesto por nuestros servicios. Para mejorar la exactitud del presupuesto, cuando solicite uno favor de incluir el código del procedimiento (CPT, en inglés) y el código de diagnóstico (ICD-10, en inglés) de los servicios que le interesan.  

Su médico o clínica le puede brindar esta información y es importante que la incluya para asegurar que reciba el presupuesto para el tratamiento o procedimiento correcto. 

Favor de enviar su solicitud al correo electrónico* 

Una vez que envíe la información, recibirá una respuesta en 2 a 3 días laborales.  

Mientras que los precios en el presupuesto son actuales, si tiene seguro médico le recomendamos que contacte a su compañía de seguro para obtener las tarifas y beneficios correspondientes según su contrato.  

*Recuerde que las comunicaciones por correo electrónico no son seguras. Aunque no es probable que suceda, existe la posibilidad de que el correo electrónico sea interceptado y leído por terceros, aparte de la persona a la que va dirigido.  


La Herramienta para calcular el presupuesto en MyChart permite a los pacientes ver en línea un presupuesto de acuerdo con su plan de seguro y beneficios. Esto le permite al paciente crear un presupuesto sin tener que llamar a la oficina de RCO y cumple con el requisito de mostrar 300 servicios disponibles que exige la norma de transparencia en el precio.

Haga clic aquí para usar la herramienta MyChart Patient Estimate Tool. (Solamente disponible en inglés)


Si le gustaría recibir un presupuesto de buena fe formal para servicios que tiene programados en UTMB Health, favor de enviar un correo electrónico al equipo de Presupuestos para pacientes en:   

Tiene derecho de recibir un presupuesto de buena fe por el total del costo esperado de cualquier artículo o servicio que no es de emergencia.  Esto incluye precios relacionados, como los de pruebas médicas, medicamentos de receta, equipo y costos hospitalarios. Si recibe una factura que es por lo menos $400 más alta que el presupuesto de buena fe, puede disputarla. Si tiene preguntas o desea recibir más información sobre su derecho de recibir un presupuesto de buena fe, vaya a  

Insurance and Billing

  • Billing Inquiries – Single point of customer service.

    UTMB Health is also pleased to offer a single point of customer service to our patients for services provided at our facilities by UTMB providers, so that we may answer many of your billing questions with one phone number, instead of requiring separate phone calls to different billing offices for hospital/clinic fees and health care provider charges.

     You may contact our UTMB Health Customer Service Office at (877) 463-0103 or (409) 515-7049, or click to send email*

    In addition, when you check in at any of our clinics, our Patient Services Specialists will be able to discuss outstanding balances and conveniently assist you by collecting payments toward any balance due, helping you stay current with your health care financial responsibilities.

    * Please see information below regarding questions about fees from non-UTMB care providers.

  • Care Management

    UTMB is an academic teaching facility, and as such, you may see a variety of care providers during your stay with us. Care managers are assigned to medical teams to address needs during your hospital stay. These needs may include ensuring that high-quality care is delivered in an efficient manner, proactively planning for your discharge early during your hospital stay, and identifying solutions to discharge barriers that could otherwise delay your return home.

    Care managers are available Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. If you anticipate problems returning home after discharge, please contact (409) 772-1541 so your care manager can speak with you about your concerns.

  • Charity Care and Financial Assistance Policy

    Current UTMB patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance related to services already provided at UTMB. Existing UTMB and non-UTMB patients may contact Financial Counseling at (409) 772-6464 to learn about the application process.

    Patients are not eligible for financial assistance if they a) have third party insurance (excluding patients with traditional Medicare); or b) if they are eligible for another third party program such as Medicaid, County Indigent Health Programs (CIHCP), etc; or c) are not Texas residents. Patients seeking treatment for certain elective, non-emergent procedures or outpatient services will be considered full pay patients, and payment in full will be expected at or before the time services are rendered.

    Qualified applicants whose income and calculated assets are below 200% of the levels indicated in the Federal Poverty Guidelines (found at will qualify for a 100% charity discount on any balances.  Qualified applicants whose income and calculated assets are equal to or greater than 200%−but below 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines − will qualify for a 75% charity discount on any balances.

    The Financial Counseling Office manages the process of vetting requests for assistance. An interview/screening process conducted by the office will determine if an individual is eligible to receive discounted medical services at UTMB.

    Self-pay patients (individuals who are personally responsible for their bills because they do not have third party coverage, and do not qualify for full or partial charity care discounts) with income levels equal to or greater than 400% of Federal Poverty Guidelines may qualify for discounts up to 40% for inpatient services and 50% for outpatient services received.

  • Hospital Costs and Charges

    If you are considering a hospital procedure and are interested in an estimate of the cost, or are comparing costs among different providers, the following page offers helpful information for you, including a definition of the hospital "chargemaster." Costs and charges information.

  • Insurance Claims and Payment Policies

    All accounts are payable in full upon receipt of your statement. If you have commercial health insurance, your coverage will be verified and a claim will be filed on your behalf. Our billing departments will cooperate fully with you and your insurance company to expedite payment of your claim.  If you have assigned insurance benefits to UTMB, your insurance company has 60 days from the date the claim is filed to complete payment.

    In the event your insurance company fails to pay the claim after 60 days, it may be necessary for UTMB  to ask you to pay your hospital or physicians’ bills.

    Please remember that the patient or guarantor, not the insurance company, is responsible for the settlement of the account. Once your insurance payment has been received, any remaining balance is expected in full, within 30 days.

    If you cannot pay your patient balance in full, it may be possible to establish a payment plan. The term and payment amount is determined according to the amount owed. A customer service account specialist can assist you in establishing a payment plan. For more information, please call: 

    For payment plan information, please contact our Customer Service Office at (877) 463-0103 or (409) 515-7049 or email

  • Insurance Network Participation Notification
    It is policy at UTMB Health for our registration staff to provide a written disclosure to all patients receiving care as to whether the services requested/received are considered in-network or out-of-network. The guidance UTMB provides is based on the information provided by the patient at the time of service, and availability of the insurance company or other provider to confirm coverage details. Disclosures are provided in the Emergency Room, inpatient areas, day surgery units, ancillary areas, and clinics.
  • Insurance Plans Accepted

    At UTMB Health, we serve patients with many types of insurance coverage, offered by many different companies and entities. UTMB and its providers accept most major health plans, which are outlined online. Remember to always check with your health insurance carrier regarding specific covered services. The list grows and changes frequently. If you don't see your insurance listed or if you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Interest Applied to Billed Services
    At this time, per its current policy, UTMB Health does not apply interest charges to bills issued for its clinical services.
  • Patient Complaints

    At UTMB Health, our goal is to care for you in a manner that consistently meets and exceeds your expectations. If we fall short of that goal, our Patient Services department is in place to provide a centralized and effective mechanism to investigate, address and hopefully resolve a given issue.

    You may contact the department by mail, phone or email:

    UTMB Health Department of Patient Services
    Route 0306
    Galveston, Texas 77555-0306
    (409) 772-4772

  • Payment options for Patients without MyChart Access

    If you would like to make a payment on your account (for services rendered after April 6, 2013) but are not a MyChart user, please call:

    UTMB Customer Service: (877) 463-0103 or (409) 515-7049.
    We accept the following forms of payment: formsofpayment

  • Policies regarding UTMB Health’s Discounting, Pricing and Billing Procedures

    In accordance with Senate Bill 1731 (“Healthcare Transparency”) and in addition to the information offered above, UTMB posts for its patients policies on billing and collection practices. If you don’t have access to the internet or would prefer a written copy, please call (877) 463-0103 or (409) 515-7049.

    Available documentation on policies and procedures include:

    • Discounting charges for uninsured patients [See policy]
  • Requesting an Estimate

    UTMB Health is happy to provide estimates for its services, and typically  provides a response to requests in 2-3 business days. Get details and make a request.

    myChart Patient Estimate Tool

    The myChart Patient Estimate is an online tool to assist patients with an estimate based on their insurance and benefit plan. This enables the patient to create an estimate without having to call RCO and satisfies the requirement for displaying 300 shoppable services for the price transparency rule.

    Click to use the myChart Patient Estimate Tool
  • Requesting an Itemized Statement

    UTMB will mail you a monthly statement on each account on which you owe a balance. If you would like to receive a more detailed list of your hospital or professional charges, you may request an itemized statement. Our customer service account specialists can assist you via telephone, or you may submit a request for an itemized statement via email. Statements will be sent via US Mail to you at your address of record.

    For itemized bills and information, please call (877) 463-0103 or (409) 515-7049 or email