Insurance Information Update on UTMB Health contract with Aetna

Aetna Contract Termination

To Our AETNA Patients
June 30, 2021

Thank you for continuing to choose UTMB Health for your health care needs. We greatly value our relationship with you. As you may recall, we announced in November 2020 that the UTMB contract within the Aetna provider network was being terminated. The contract termination goes into effect on July 1, 2021.

As of July 1, Aetna members are out-of-network when seeking care at UTMB Health. The ability to continue to seek care at UTMB under your Aetna benefit plan will depend on any out-of-network benefits included in your particular plan. Please contact Aetna Member Services at the number on your ID card.

Our clinic staff will work with you to collect payment to meet your patient financial responsibility at the time services are rendered. Please be aware you may also receive a statement from UTMB in the mail or through MyChart to cover any additional financial responsibility for your visit, once we have confirmed your individual plan benefits for out-of-network services. UTMB will not have this information until we file your claim with Aetna.

Please note: Patients with the Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO ESA (Extended Service Area) plan should not have any increase in their “out-of-pocket” costs. If any balance is not collected at the time of service, they will receive a statement for the balance due. However, they should not receive a statement for out-of-network services.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you and invite you to call our customer service department at 409-771-8811 with any questions regarding payments.

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Aetna Contract Termination FAQs


The information provided above is subject to policy guidelines between the patient and Aetna and the patient’s specific coverage document.  If there is any discrepancy, the policy guidelines in the Aetna coverage document will apply. The patient should contact Aetna directly for specific information regarding out-of-network benefits.