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Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin. Sometimes bone from the jaw itself can be moved forward or shaped silicone implants may be used to provide more projection to the chin.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

After the eyes, the chin and jawline often draw in our initial attention. The chin is especially prominent in the age of social media, Zoom calls and selfies. A strong jawline has long defined masculinity, and elegantly sculpted chins balance out a feminine look. This is especially apparent looking from the side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get this procedure and what are the expected results?

Those who have small chins or weak jawlines from genetics will benefit from a chin augmentation. Others looking to balance out facial features will also benefit from a chin implant. Implant shaping and sizing can be customized to reach the results you desire, whether it’s reinforcing a strong, masculine, well-defined jawline for men, or creating a well-balanced elegant chin and jawline for a more feminine touch, we can tailor the approach to your desired look.

What should I expect before my procedure?

During your consult, we will do a full evaluation of your facial structures, discuss your goals and recommend an individualized surgical plan that takes those goals into account, as well as ethnicity and cultural heritage. All surgeries will include incision points under the jaw or in the mouth for almost invisible scars, and patients will be under general or local anesthesia in an operating room. Most surgeries take one to two hours.

What should I expect after my procedure?

Typically, an overnight hospital stay is not needed, and you can go home the same day. Your specific recovery will depend upon the tailored package you choose, but for most patients, some pain, swelling and bruising will be present. Ice packs can help to reduce swelling, bruising and pain for the first 48 hours. If an incision was made in the mouth, you should limit yourself to soft foods for two to three days and rinsing with salt water to keep your incision site clean. After one to two weeks, you may feel well enough to resume normal activities, and stitches may be ready to come out. Results should be apparent after the first month.

Why should I consider surgery?

Implants are a permanent treatment for long-lasting enhancement. Nonsurgical options like dermal fillers and injections provide temporary results that need regular maintenance.

What if I’m not ready for surgery?

If you feel a surgical intervention isn’t for you at this time, we offer a range of fillers and skin care treatments that are easy and non-invasive. See our non-surgical services.

Can this be combined with other procedures?

Yes! Common surgeries combined with a chin augmentation include facelift or neck lift. Other body contouring procedures can be done at the same time. Schedule a consult with one our surgeons to determine what is the best approach for you.

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Chin augmentation at UTMB Health

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