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Welcome to the Volunteers Services Website.  Volunteers are an important part of our care team because they are able to add an additional level of compassionate support to the care we provide.  They find many ways to enhance both our patients' and our employees' experience at UTMB.  Volunteer Services at UTMB recruits, orients, and trains volunteers to participate in a wide variety of opportunities throughout UTMB's hospitals and clinics.

Volunteering affords individuals the opportunity to attain knowledge, promote interests, remain active, and make friends, while providing supporting services that contribute to the health and well-being of our patients. If you are interested in volunteering at UTMB, below is some information on the process.

We truly appreciate individuals in our community who are willing to share their time and talent in the interest of a better and healthier Texas. The greatest rewards come from the heart, and you CAN make a difference in someone’s life.

Becoming a volunteer:

Thank you for your interest in become a UTMB Volunteer.  To ensure that we receive only the best volunteers and that we keep our patients safe, we require some items before you can volunteer.  This includes:Jim and Kerry

1. Completed volunteer application and consent for background check

2. Signed consent for UTMB (part of the form above) to perform a background check

3. A health screening at UTMB Employee Health that includes a drug screening and tuberculosis check

4. Proof of annual flu vaccine or signed waiver (note: UTMB offers free flu vaccines to its volunteers)

5. On-site orientation with Volunteer Services and department where you are volunteering

6. Commitment to be able to volunteer at least 40 hours at UTMB (total time commitment; you set the timeframe).

* Please note that once you apply, the process can take up to a month to complete

As a valuable member of the UTMB support team, you’ll find many people thankful for your assistance, eager to help you be successful, ready to help train you, and able to assist you whenever you have a question. We want your experience to be meaningful and enjoyable.


The benefits of becoming a UTMB Volunteer:

• complimentary parking when you are scheduled to volunteer;
• free annual flu immunizations (while supplies are in stock);
• free annual TB screening;
• complimentary local bus transportation with your volunteer ID badge
• new skills; and
• a sense of fulfillment and an opportunity to make a difference.

We look forward to receiving your completed application. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the volunteer program coordinator at 409-772-2549.

Note: As applications are reviewed, the top candidates are selected for service, based on criteria intended to ensure that an applicant is able to safely and successfully meet the duties and responsibilities of the volunteer role. UTMB does reserve the right to decline an application, contingent on the results of the security check, institutional need or other factors related to anticipated duties. No application will be rejected due to an individual's gender, race, color, religious creed, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

UTMB Volunteer Services
301 University Boulevard Galveston, TX 77555-1370
Telephone (409) 772-2549 ∙ Fax (409) 772-2550

Call for assistance day or night 409-772-2222

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UTMB Volunteer Services
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-1370
Telephone (409) 772-2549
Fax (409) 772-2550
Email: mmoody@utmb.edu
UTMB Volunteer Services 

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