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  • three kettlebells, each being grasped by hands while they rest on the floor

    Just take 5 minutes and get stronger

    Improving your physical strength and conditioning can help you perform your job better and reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries, and sometimes all it takes is five minutes. Learn how microdosing exercise throughout your day can help you become stronger.

  • Image of the back of a paramedic wearing a jacket with the word "paramedic" on it

    How to prevent burnout, find joy

    A research-based observation found that half of EMTs and paramedics suffer from some degree of burnout. Learn some tips to counter these feelings and also take a moment to assess how self-compassionate you are.

  • Stressed medic sits in ambulance

    Coping with tragedy

    Witnessing tragedy comes with the job for EMTs and paramedics. Don’t ignore its effects on your health. After responding to a multi-vehicle accident or a mass shooting, it’s not unusual for medics to have traumatic grief.

  • Medics cope with stress in the field

    Coping with stress on the job

    It’s part of the job, but it’s also something to watch and manage. Stress can build up over time.

  • Strength and conditioning for the EMS athlete

    This physically demanding work often results in injury patterns that need prevention and attention. Medics value being part of a team, so being able to get back to work soon is important. You don’t want to let your team down.