Medic talks to doctor in ER hallway

You help us improve health care in Texas

UTMB Health started The Dispatch last year to communicate with our Emergency Medical Services partners. EMTs and paramedics are not only critical first responders in our communities, but they are also essential to the care we provide at UTMB Health.

May 21-27 is National EMS Week. It’s a time to show you how much we appreciate you.

Some of us prefer to say that every week is EMS Week. We respect and admire all you do every day of every single week, not just one week of the year.

UTMB Health sees you on the front line of medical care. We see what you do. You save lives. You calm scared children. You reassure people on the way to an emergency room. You don’t waste time.

We see some of you working more than one shift. Some of you are raising families. Some are taking classes to further careers or learn new skills.

Galveston staff holds thank-you signWe know the stress that comes with your job and your other obligations.

You show up every day, despite that stress. Every day, EMS crews show up to help. You show up at traffic accidents, at backyard patios and at community events. You respond to living rooms, football fields and grocery stores.

We see all of that when you show up at our emergency rooms.

We hear a lot, too. We hear kudos and praise from our providers about your prehospital skills. We hear from patients who are grateful you showed up at their most terrifying moments.

We hear from your bosses who want you to have a balanced, happy life.

We also hear your jokes, and you make us laugh. We speak the same language. We understand each other.

We all get busy in our day-to-day routines and work, but we always notice your hard work and we notice the specific ways you make a difference with each call.

We will keep watching and spreading the word about your work all year long.


“It’s hard for people to understand how difficult their job is since they experience so much that others will never experience. We greatly appreciate their efforts and the care they provide to our patients.” - Dr. Michael Erickson, trauma assistant professor, Galveston Campus
“Their skill and expertise in the prehospital setting sets the providers up for success.” - Dr. Joshua Person, trauma medical director, Galveston Campus
“I really appreciate my EMS partners. I really think they are my eyes and ears on the scene. And when they come and they give me the report and tell me how the home was or the accident scene was, it helps me clinically figure out how to prioritize the workup.” - Dr. Nadim Islam, assistant professor of emergency medicine, Clear Lake Campus
League City staff holds thank-you sign
“We appreciate our EMS partners for all that they do in the prehospital setting!”- Michelle Vu, service line director, neurosciences
“I appreciate the EMS groups very much. They are part of the team. They’re always eager to help. They want to learn, and they appreciate every time we give input. They receive it gracefully. Again, they’re really part of the team.” - Dr. Gabriella Cardone Richard, assistant professor, emergency medicine, Clear Lake Campus
“They are the true front line of health care.” - Dr. Kent Harkey, assistant medical director of Emergency Medicine, League City Campus
ADC staff smiles
“I love our EMS partners because they are our front line. They really take care of the patients in the field and get them as stabilized as possible and get them here as quickly as they can to get them the best care. Without them, there’s no way our patients, a lot of times, could even survive.” - Merry Philip, associate chief nursing officer, Clear Lake Campus
“We depend on them heavily.” - Dr. Phillip Singer, Angleton Danbury Campus trauma medical director and emergency medical director