Post COVID Recovery Clinic

UTMB Health’s Post COVID Recovery Clinic helps you resume life as you lived it before COVID-19, returning to your daily routine and favorite activities. We offer a patient-focused, comprehensive, clinic-based program with virtual visit capabilities.

Make an appointment by calling (832) 632-6666.

About our COVID Recovery Program

As you begin your recovery from COVID-19, our team of physicians, practitioners, and mental health professionals are here to support you. They will evaluate your condition and help you with recovery strategies to support your rehabilitation.

Common symptoms we're helping patients address include breathlessness, fatigue, cough, weakness, anxiety and depression. Contact us for help.

Long-haul COVID to remain with us in foreseeable future

While a reduction in the number of infections is good news, scientists and doctors are beginning to understand the chronic illness that lingers after COVID infection, called long-haul syndrome. Long-haul patients were infected and appeared to recover, but then chronic symptoms began and remained months after the infection. Extreme fatigue and debilitating brain fog are common symptoms, write Drs. Norbert Herzog and David Niesel of UTMB.