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  1. Youth Sports Injury Clinic open Saturdays
    UTMB will offer a youth and school sports injury clinic from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. every Saturday beginning August 27 through Nov. 5 at the League City Campus.
  2. Outpatient pharmacy at League City Campus offers another option for busy staff and patients
    UTMB patients and employees now have a new option for their prescription medication needs. The League City Campus Outpatient Pharmacy is now open.
  3. Innovative new approaches offer options in the fight against obesity
    UTMB Health’s Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery has two new tools to offer patients in the battle for a healthier life.
  4. Open scheduling at UTMB
    With open scheduling at UTMB, new and established patients can now view open appointment slots for most primary care providers, and then directly schedule an appointment.
  5. Survivors of adolescent and young adult cancers are more likely to smoke than people without a cancer history
    Researchers have found that cancer survivors who were diagnosed at adolescent and young adult ages are more likely to be current cigarette smokers than people who have not had cancer.
  6. Doors Open to UTMB’s League City Campus Hospital
    UTMB Health opened the doors to the new state-of-the-art, 150,000 square-foot hospital on Saturday, on its League City Campus.
  7. UTMB study shows pulmonary rehabilitation underutilized by physicians and COPD patients
    A new UTMB study investigating trends on the use of pulmonary rehabilitation therapy among older adults with COPD found that this therapy was underutilized.
  8. New study uncovers mechanisms underlying how diabetes damages the heart
    A team of scientists has uncovered a molecular mechanism involved in a common form of heart damage found in people with diabetes.
  9. Study: Answer to antibiotic-resistant infections could already be on the market
    Non-antibiotic therapeutic drugs already approved for other purposes in people could be effective in fighting the antibiotic-resistant pathogens, according to a new study from UTMB researchers
  10. Consuming too much fructose during pregnancy raises the child’s risk for heart disease
    The negative health effects of consuming large amounts of fructose could impact several generations, according to researchers at UTMB Health.
  11. UTMB opens new Jennie Sealy Hospital
    The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has opened its new Jennie Sealy Hospital.
  12. New hospital parking garage at UTMB beginning March 30
    The Hospital Garage, located in front of the new Jennie Sealy Hospital, will serve as the new parking area for Galveston campus visitors.
  13. New Study: Why are women more prone to knee injuries than men?
    UTMB researchers have found that women who take the birth control pill, which lessen and stabilize estrogen levels, were less likely to suffer serious knee injuries.
  14. Free Mini Medical School offers insight into the human body
    Want to know more about how the body takes in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide, how the body fights off infections, or how blood circulates throughout the body? UTMB is hosting a Mini Medical School.
  15. UTMB collaborates with Brazil to combat Zika virus
    The Brazilian Ministry of Health has announced a letter of intent to collaborate with UTMB to embark on a partnership to research and develop a Zika virus vaccine

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