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UTMB Health: Teamwork and technology offer new hope to lung cancer patient

Frightened and worried. That’s how George Montgomery felt when he received news from his pulmonologist in Columbus, Ga. that a CT scan had detected a mass on his lung that may be cancer. Montgomery immediately underwent a biopsy using the traditional method of bronchoscopy, in which a scope was put down his throat into his lung to gather the suspicious tissue.

After waiting three weeks for the biopsy results, Montgomery found out that his oncologist had been unable to get to the suspicious tissue, but instead had gathered healthy tissue. The biopsy was a failure. Montgomery still didn’t know if he had lung cancer.

His fear turned to hope, however, when he ran into old family friend Dr. Maurice Willis, director of the hematology/oncology clinic at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Willis was visiting his hometown of Waverly Hall, Ga. when Montgomery shared his medical dilemma with him.

Willis calmed Montgomery’s fears as he explained that UTMB had advanced imaging technologies that could pinpoint a hard-to-reach mass like his. If it turned out to be malignant, UTMB could remove the affected areas of the lung using minimally invasive surgical techniques.[read more]

Cancer Survivorship 2013

If you are combating cancer or are a cancer survivor, love or care for someone affected by cancer, or are a health care professional with an interest in cancer, watch this video and visit the Cancer Survivorship page for more information. Also read this guest column by UTMB’s Dr. Lyuba Levine [see article]

OLLI at UTMB Health Summer Oncology Lecture Series

This past July, UTMB faculty physicians--experts in oncology prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship--shared the latest in evidence-based medical knowledge.

Wednesday, July 10: Breast Cancer Screening and Risk Reduction: Know Your Risk. Presenters: Drs. Techksell McKnight Washington and Angelica Robinson.

Wednesday, July 17: Breast Surgery and Breast Reconstruction. Presenters: Drs. Colleen Silva and Karen Powers.

Wednesday, July 24: New and Improved Treatment for Breast Cancer. Presenters: Drs. Sunny Hatch and Techksell McKnight Washington.

Wednesday, July 31: Integrative Oncology. Presenters: Drs. Victor Sierpina and Lubya Levine.

Lectures were held in OLLI at UTMB Health, Suite B101, Galveston Island Community Center. For a complete listing of OLLI classes and activities go to www.utmb.edu/olli/.

One-Third of Women Undergo Unnecessary Breast Biopsy Surgery

Texas Medical Center News, June 10, 2013

HTTP://www.utmbhealth.com/images/Upload/unnecessary_breastbiopsy.jpgRoughly a third of Texas women with a breast lump end up having an old-fashioned surgical biopsy to determine whether the lump is cancerous. Yet since 2001, the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the American College of Radiology, and the National Cancer Center Network have recommended nonsurgical, minimally invasive biopsies as the first course of action for women with breast lumps or masses. These less invasive methods of sampling breast tissue provide results that are as accurate as surgical biopsies, the organizations say.
“We need to get the word out to women across the state that surgery is not the procedure of choice for definitive diagnosis of a breast mass,” said Taylor Riall, M.D., associate professor of surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. [read story]


HOUSTON (May 24, 2013) – The Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® recently presented The University of Texas Medical Branch with a community grant of $400,000 for the funding of the UTMB Komen Complete Care Project.

“The University of Texas Medical Branch is an extraordinary grant recipient organization that works endlessly to assist local women and men who are in great need of breast health services,” said Adriana M. Higgins, Ed. D., Executive Director of the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. “Thanks to the devoted fundraisers in the Bayou City who support our fight to end breast cancer forever, we are able to fund breast health services and programs like this in the seven counties we serve.”

The UTMB Komen Complete Care Project is a program that provides breast health education, screening mammograms, diagnostic procedures, patient navigation and cancer surveillance to uninsured women.

UTMB is very grateful for the ongoing support and efforts of the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®,” said Deana M. Gehring, UTMB Komen Complete Care Project Director. “We are both honored and privileged to move forward and broaden access to breast cancer screening and diagnostic services to uninsured women throughout southeast Texas. The Komen Complete Care Project is an emblem of UTMB’s commitment to serving the underserved.”

For more information on the granting process and other grant recipients please visit http://www.komen-houston.org/index.php/grants.

Finding inspiration in the fight

Dr. Lyuba LevineIn this guest column by UTMB’s Dr. Lyuba Levine: I am eternally grateful to all my cancer patients for their love of life and the sacrifices they make, for their patience with us doctors and nurses, and for their perseverance. I am also grateful to their families for all the support they give us. This National Cancer Survivors Day, June 5, I want to say thank you to all of the brave cancer survivors. It is easy to give up; it is not easy to fight! [see article]

"Sunday Screenings" -- Free Screening Mammograms for uninsured return June 2 and 9


On June 2, the UTMB Sunday Screening Mammogram Program visited Greater Barbour’s Chapel church in Texas City, Texas. The visit was part of a partnership between UTMB Health and The Ruth Kempner Endowment for Breast Cancer Screening to provide free screening mammograms for uninsured women in our community. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has stated that a significant number of uninsured women in Galveston County are not receiving their annual screening mammograms. In an effort to reach these uninsured women, UTMB Health brought the mobile mammography van to churches in Galveston County in June. In addition to Greater Barbour's Chapel, the program visited St. Augustine Episcopal Church in Galveston on June 9.

Above, from left to right are: transportation technician Jose Martinez, Pastor Andrew Berry, II (Greater Barbour’s Chapel church), Krystal Berry (First Lady of Greater Barbour’s Chapel church), UTMB mammography technologist Gena Slayton, UTMB mammography technologist Jennifer Thomas, Dr. Angelica S. Robinson (UTMB Radiology), Martha Swan (Health Awareness Team [H.A.T.] volunteer, Camila Phillips (H.A.T President), Barbara Brown (H.A.T. volunteer), Lynette Beagnyam (H.A.T. volunteer).

More than one third of Texas women still receive unnecessary breast biopsy surgery

Dr. Leonard MortonMany women in Texas who are found to have an abnormality on routine mammogram or discover a lump in one of their breasts end up having an old-fashioned surgical biopsy to find out whether the breast abnormality is malignant. Since 2001, national expert panels have recommended that the first course of action for women with breast lumps or masses should be minimally invasive biopsy. At UTMB, minimally invasive biopsies are used more than 98 percent of the time. [read more]

June 5: Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer Survivors Day 2013On Wednesday, June 5, UTMB Health celebrated Cancer Survivors Day. Cancer is a journey that must not be taken alone. Help, support and guidance are available. At our events in League City and Galveston, we celebrated Cancer Survivorship. We know life after a cancer diagnosis is still meaningful and productive. If you are combating cancer or are a cancer survivor, love or care for someone affected by cancer, or are a health care professional with an interest in cancer, walk with us as we celebrate life. Events were at 1:30 at the Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes, and at 4:30 outside the John Sealy Hospital on the UTMB main campus in Galveston. Join us for music, refreshments and fellowship. [Get additional details]

New prostate technology serves patients in Houston

Houston Business Journal, May 3, 2013

UTMB’s Dr. Eric Walser is among a few doctors pioneering a new prostate cancer treatment that has the potential to draw patients from around the country to the Houston region for care. New technology available in recent years enables physicians to take an image of the prostate, locate the cancer and remove it with a guided laser. Now, with a clear image of where the cancer is, Walser can use an MRI-guided laser to treat precise areas of the organ, all on an outpatient basis.

Jan 8, 2013: The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a UTMB patient education series where attendees get to hear great speakers, gain new insights, and enjoy a free breakfast. It's a great way to start your day. Below, watch a webcast of Dr. Karen Powers' recent presentation:

“Going for Bust: Breast Reconstruction After Cancer Surgery”

Dr. Karen L. Powers earned her M.D. at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. She completed her general surgery and plastic surgery residencies at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Powers completed a fellowship in breast microsurgery at the University of Utah, Division of Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah. As an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Dr. Powers' special interests are breast reconstruction, microsurgery, wound healing, and medical education. Her research projects include: utilization and outcomes of breast reconstruction; national practice patterns and disparities in care among patients with breast cancer; and effects of radiation on reconstructed breasts.

Exercise and Cancer

by Dr. Victor S. Sierpina, the W.D. and Laura Nell Nicholson Family Professor of Integrative Medicine at UTMB. Originally published in the Galveston County Daily News.

In early 2013, UTMB’s Cancer Center at Victory Lakes will be joining the ranks of most major national cancer centers in offering Integrative Oncology consultation services. These will include medical consultations regarding evidence-based, proven complementary therapies for those anywhere along the spectrum of cancer: for prevention, for relief from side effects of treatment, in survivorship and prevention of remission, or for palliative care. Patients will also be offered counseling and recommendations regarding nutrition, stress management, and exercise.

Exercise plays many important roles related to cancer. For cancer prevention, as little as 30 minutes of exercise five times a week can reduce the risk of cancer, most convincingly for cancers of the breast and colon. Exercise helps reduce cancer risk by improving energy balance and fat distribution, reducing the obesity, stress management, improving antitumor immune defense, improving antioxidant defense and DNA repair. Exercise also improves transit time in the colon, increases ventilation of the lungs, and modifies the balance of multiple hormones thus reducing the risks of colon, lung, ovary, breast, endometrial, and prostate cancers. [read more on the Working Wonders blog]


UTMB Health 2012 Komen Houston Race for the Cure - Oct. 6

Komen Race for Cure 2012On Saturday, October 6, 2012, the world’s largest 5K run/walk took place and we were a part of it! Join us next year: we invite you to join UTMB Health for the 2013 Komen Houston Race for the Cure.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our team captains: Amineh Baradar ambarada@utmb.edu (409) 772-0504 , or Barbara Petit bhpetit@utmb.edu / (409) 772-1285. Thank you for your support!

Click here to join or donate to UTMB Health's Race for the Cure!

Look Good…Feel Better Program

Look Good, Feel Better 2012The Look Good … Feel Better program is a free workshop that helps women to cope with the side effects of cancer treatment. However, participants say it’s less about what it does for women on the outside and more about how it makes them feel on the inside.

The national program, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, has served more 650,000 women since its inception 20+ years ago. UTMB has been offering the popular program for several years. Experts will provide step-by-step guidance on makeup and skin care, and tips on prosthesis fittings and hair pieces. The workshop provides a comfortable, supportive atmosphere with other women coping with cancer treatment, those about to go through it and those who have been there.

The event is usually hosted at the Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes. The program is free. To find out more about upcoming dates and to register, please call (832) 505-1700.



Cancer Survivors Day


UTMB Health recently celebrated Cancer Survivors Day. Cancer is a journey that must not be taken alone. Help, support and guidance are available. During our recent event at UTMB, we celebrated Cancer Survivorship. We know life after a cancer diagnosis is still meaningful and productive. If you are combating cancer or are a cancer survivor, love or care for someone affected by cancer, or are a health care professional with an interest in cancer, walk with us as we celebrate life.

Below, watch a photo slideshow from the event:


Call for assistance day or night 409-772-2222

Cancer Support Groups

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