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Selecting a Physician

At UTMB, we understand that who provides your care is as important as where you get your care. We're confident that there's a perfect match for you and your family from among the hundreds of skilled experts who practice at UTMB's hospitals and many clinics. Because selecting a physician or other is so important, here are some items to consider:

Choosing a good doctor is an important step in maintaining your healthTraining and Experience
Use our physician directory to read up on the background, training, and experience offered by a caregiver. As clinicians working at an academic medical center, you'll find that many of our UTMB physicians, in addition to providing care, are educators and/or researchers. They often are at the forefront of their fields, knowledgeable about the latest therapies or developments, able to bring you the best and latest care, and eager to engage and guide you. 

Office Location
Where is the physician's office located? Is it convenient to your home or work? Through a wide network of clinics serving the Greater Galveston Bay area, and clinics and a hospital complex on easy-to-access, pleasant and scenic Galveston Island, UTMB can be an easy place to get care. To enhance service, some physicians practice in multiple locations, making it even easier to get care in a place convenient to where you work or live.

Is the practice accepting new patients? How long must you wait for a routine appointment? How quickly can you be seen in an emergency? If your physician is unavailable, who provides coverage? At UTMB, especially in a primary care setting, we'll work to get you seen quickly. Many clinics offer same day or next day service for primary care, and our Pediatric urgent care centers are open evenings and weekends in League City and in Galveston. At any time of day or night, you can contact the UTMB Access Center to discuss a health issue or concern with a medical professional.

Health Plans
When considering a physician, it is important to determine what health plans the practice participates in, what insurance it accepts and what level of benefits are covered. UTMB accepts most major managed care plans. To get details, please call us at (409) 772-222 or (800) 917-8906 and we'll be happy to answer them.

Most physicians admit patients only to certain hospitals where they have admitting privileges, and at UTMB all of our physicians have privileges at the Medical Branch hospitals in Galveston. Some of our physicians also have privileges at other regional facilities. Speak with your doctor or her/his office staff if you have questions about hospital-based services.


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